Thunderbird 64bit?

April 13, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Today, I have upgraded my Thunderbird from 32bit to the 64bit version. I’m reading a few hundred emails daily. Occasionally, it crashed and I have to restart to resume my operation.

Apparently, it is not a big issue, I have gotten used to it. Apart from that I have noticed the CPU utilization is high, most things work for me It is not perfect but the tools and the features that I’m using are far better than others that I had tried so far.

I did not regret moving to the 64bit. Before the installation, I used Mozbackup to back up everything in Thunderbird. The installation automatically replaced my 32bit version of Thunderbird.

After the installation, I opened up ‘Thunderbird’, everything is intact and I feel it is lighter and quicker. Also, I have checked the CPU usage using the Task Manager. The CPU utilization is not more than 1% most times.

So far I’m pretty happy with the upgrade. It is day one, along the way I will update you guys if I have faced an issue.



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