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KVM Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server is a virtual machine. The idea is a few tenants sharing a dedicated server. In our past experience, some servers have only utilized less than 50% of the server resources. Thus, A VPS might do the same job at lower cost.

There are 2 types of VPS. We have chosen KVM virtualization, It has own kernel for the operating system. Instead of OpenVZ VM is sharing a kernel. A few advantages using the true virtualization, it is more stable in a dedicated hosting environment

powerful vps virtual private server - power - VPS – KVM kernel

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*Prices based on 12 months average

Our performance KVM VPS uses high-performance Xeon E5-26xx processors and Solid State Drives. Our Solid State Drives are in RAID for stability and performance. You will find it performs faster. Your website loads faster. Your application opens faster. Despite we have invested better hardware. The price of our KVM VPS remains affordable.

move vps virtual private server - moving - VPS – KVM kernel

Moving is Easy

 We dare to be different. Despite the rising cost of Microsoft licenses. The Windows VPS is great in demand. Many were built with Virtuozzo. Yet, we understand the importance of a Windows VPS, but we did not neglect Linux version one. We choose KVM despite the extra costs and fewer guest machines on one server. Both VPS are kernel independent. You can install and restart your server on your own schedule regardless operating system. Actually, VM uses emulated hardware, has better compatibility than a server. Moving data for a KVM VPS is easy. An image can export and move to another host.

The Backup, Snapshots and Scheduled

snapshot backup virtual private server - SNAPSHOT2 150x150 - VPS – KVM kernelYou can order a Linux or Windows server operating system for these VM. They behave like a dedicated server, you can do an update and restart them at your own convenience.

 Besides, you can schedule a snapshot taken daily to roll back it on an unforeseen incident. There is no extra cost for the backups, each can schedule u to 2 backups on a rotation basis.

vps scheduled backups virtual private server - 2018 03 17 20 16 30 Client Area Vastspace Pte Ltd - VPS – KVM kernel

The Control Panel

The control panel of the VPS is useful. You can schedule your recurrent backup. Statistics on your current usage. Start, stop or restart is easy with the VPS control panel. Cannot remote to your VPS? No problem, the VNC console is useful in this situation. It allows the subscriber logins to their designated VPS directly and do the necessary modification. It is convenient and handy as compared to a physical server.

kvm vps control panel virtual private server - 2018 03 17 20 16 00 Client Area Vastspace Pte Ltd - VPS – KVM kernel

I want to protect my VPS hosted websites!

 Protect websites with Sucuri Firewall Pro is easy. You only set it up for once to get protected.Sucuri is a managed security service provider for yr websites. The cloud-based platform gives you complete website security. Including an antivirus and firewall for your website. It monitors for security incidents, fixes website hacks, and protect your site to keep hackers out. The platform also keeps your websites running fast and ensures operational continuity. Any website owner or business that wants to stop worrying about website security. Managed on their behalf by trusted and experienced professionals.
sucuri frewall virtual private server - sucurifw - VPS – KVM kernel