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Sucuri - Your Website Firewall

It is essential for many websites, especially you have built a website using open source CMS. So it is very often that a website was hacked, sending spam emails or it could be worst obscene pictures were uploaded. And these attacks have a great impact on your brand and business.

How are you informed if your website is not blacklisted by search engines like Google? Do you know your website will be banned if it has been malicious? So your website will be listed as an unhealthy website by the renown anti-virus software. If no one can visit your website, you will lose business. The damages cost you a lot of money.

Like WordPress, Joomla. Drupal or similar and Sucuri website firewall is effective. It protects from brute-force attacks, DDOS attack mitigation and prevents attacks and malware. It virtually patches and harden your website uptime and includes a server-side scanner at 6 hours interval. Also, the CDN can speed up your website.

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It is common flaws are found in website code that can lead your website open to attack. Sucuri Firewall filters traffic and strengthens your website by blocking malicious traffic and malware attacks.

access control

Restrict Access

The control panel conveniently allows you to add restriction to the important login page for the website. Either you can restrict login from certain IP, an extra layer of password, 2-FA or captcha.


Prevent Zero-Day Exploits

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can cause website unavailable. Sucuri Firewall blocks layer 7 (HTTP Flood), as well as layer 3 and 4 attacks. Sucuri mitigates Zero-Day & DDOS attacks.

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Service Monitorings

Website uptime, blacklisted by RBL, changes on DNS and website files are infected. Sucuri monitors these important events and you are informed.

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Website Health Monitoring

Sucuri’s Monitoring solution provides the components you need to oversee your website security. It includes multiple scanners that, combined, can cover all aspects of your website security monitoring:

    • 》Website Malware Scanner
    • 》Website IOC(Indicators of Compromise) Scanner
    • 》Website SEO SPAM Scanner
    • 》Website Blacklisting Detector
    • 》Website Server Side Scanner
    • 》Website Uptime Monitoring
    • 》DNS Scanner
    • 》SSL Scanner

The core of the monitoring system is comprised of these components. They help provide an early warning system in case your site gets compromised. They look for multiple indicators of compromise, which includes malware, drive-by downloads, SPAM SEO, defacement, malicious redirects, conditional malware, etc.