Which type of web hosting is right for you?

March 14, 2019, Written by 0 comment

There are a few types of web hosting but which type of web hosting is right for you? The basic one is known as shared hosting, and another hosing like a VPS and a dedicated server is also known as bare metal. Basically, two things affect your choice, the budget and what do you use it for.

In my opinion, understand the different types of web hosting is important. This will help you with a set a budget of a web hosting. What is suitable?

I call it a realistic budget because the prices can be big different from between plan A and plan B. For example, shared hosting is 200 a year but a dedicated server costs as much as 200 a month. This is a huge difference in price. Here’s the question, do you need a dedicated server? Or do you need a simple web hosting for you to publish a simple website and create a few mailboxes?

We do not anticipate a startup buying a server unless you are running a campaign and you are expecting huge traffic like an auction website or similar. These websites have greater returns and revenue generated from the website, hence the cost is justifiable.

Some choose to run their campaign with a smaller scale server like the VPS. VPS behaves like a server but with little resources. Because VPS is scalable, it is good for those have an uncertain amount of traffic at the start.

I suggest base on your requirement to set your budget. It is not possible to buy a server at a shared hosting price. This is happening, we have spoken to customers with the wrong impression that they own a server but it was a Shared hosting instead. Basically, they have a faint idea on web hosting. So, it is important to research and know the differences between different types of web hosting.


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