Why anti-spam?

August 15, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Sending emails and receiving emails are part and parcel of our daily routine. Due to my work’s nature, I received a few hundred emails a day. Mostly, these are notifications. However, they can be warnings if something went wrong.

To me, these are relatively important emails. However, I’m receiving unwanted emails or known as spam emails every day. Honestly, they can be from anywhere even you may have not corresponded with them before. Your email address can be known in several ways; harvesting, your recipient’s computers are infected by backdoors, you have enrolled in some events, your email address was sold to someone etc. Basically, they are not within your control.

I’ve personally tried, receiving emails without anti-spam. GOSH! More than 50% of the received emails were spam emails. I quickly switched back on my anti-spam gateways. I’m getting near to zero spam email.

With the anti-spam, it is a big relief. Without it, I have spent a few hours to remove those spam emails. A few hours, maybe¬† 2~3 if you add them up. I was thinking, I can have a good rest for that 2~3 hours, why do I’m stupid to turn off the anti-spam filtering? Actually, it was my curiosity about my new anti-spam gateways.

So, it is clear that I need anti-spam for my mail server, Do you?