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Why we avoid bi-annual or longer payment for web hosting?

Many web hosting providers have offered a longer prepaid payment to bi-annual or even three years in advance. Vastspace do not encourage our customer to prepaid longer than twelve months for a few reasons;

  • Technology is advancing fast, what you own now might be outdated in 12 months period. Give yourselves an opportunity for a better deal.
  • With my experience, there is a price drop later most probably. If you have prepaid, you will not get a price difference if it is lower.
  • We hope you are happy with the web hosting service provider.
  • If your web hosting provider closes its business, what will happen to your prepaid payment?

In consumers position, we cannot see the advantages to prepaid web hosting for a longer period, thus we allow up to 12 months prepaid the most.

About the Author
Martin has been in the Web Hosting industry for more than 2 decades. He is specialized on Web Security, Cloud Hosting, Cloud computing and different types of virtualization.

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