Woe using server-side statistics

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Woe using server-side statistics

Server-side stats like Awstat uses web server log files to determine access from, date and time etc. Most control panels come with server-side stats.

You might not be using them but web statistics are important. You will never know if you ever need it. If you have a website, you make sure they are working. However, I recommend you to use free analytics tools from Google for example.

Why? It is about accuracy.  Do you mean the server-side stats is not accurate? Not exactly until you are using …A proxy service like Cloudflare, Sucuri or similar.

If you need web analytics I suggest you start using external service like Google analytics, As soon as your website uses a proxy service like Sucuri or similar, your visitors hit the proxy instead come directly to the web server.

Some worst situation. you forget to configure ‘x-forward’ to the web server configuration. Your web server is collecting your firewall or proxy IP addresses and not your visitors.

These proxies, they cache your content, in other words, your visitors did come to you but your web server will not able to detect them.

Basically, try not using the server-side web stats even you are not using any web application firewall. But we never know as web security has become very important for websites. I’m sure you do not want to read data from two different places.


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