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Looking for SmarterTools products? The best selling email server SmarterMail, SmarterTrack and SmarterStats license are sold here or you prefer to lease it monthly. Sign up with Vastspace for a lower price and same day quick activation even on weekends and holidays.

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Premium Email Hosting

Powered by SmarterMail
Dedicated IP/ SSL certificate
Double layers anti-spam Protection
Close High-Availability

$ 15.00/mo


Dedicated Email Server

Fully-Managed Service
Proactive Monitoring
Email Archiving
Business Collaboration

$ 299.00/mo


Dedicated Hosting

Powerful but Affordable
No setup fee
Quick Activation
NVMe storage

fr $ 68.00/mo

dedicated server

Get a dedicated server from us today and claim your free gifts!

Wow! A dedicated server is so cheap now. The two 3Tb hard disk drives in RAID 1 is $99/mo only and claim your free premium DNS, monitoring and 128Gb Thumb Drive for selected models.

speed up website

Learn how to speed up and defend your website...

Your website is loading slowly? Need protection on your website? Why do it yourselves? Let our experts do it for you. We tweak and protect your website, you focus on your business.


SSD VPS is Affordable from $5.00/mo ...

Check out the all new VPS with redundant SSD storage. Install with Linux server OS or Windows server OS. Virtualized by KVM.


Maximum Performance

Dual Xeon E5 processor, DDR 4 ECC registered RAM and fast SSD brings your VPS to next level. Lower price without sacrificing server's performance.


Daily Snapshot Capable

VPS plans with a daily snapshot for you to rollback for any unfortunate event. Predefined email address will receive notification on the backup result.


SSL Certificate for your Websites*

SSL Certificates are free on either Plesk Onyx or cPanel. If you have ordered one of these control panels, we will install for you and you can enable SSL and issue a valid certificate to the hosted webstes.



VPS is like your own server, They have dedicated IP and their own workspace. You can install any compatible application on a VPS, update the OS and reboot the server at your own schedule.

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