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Full ROOT access
Dedicated IP address
Linux CentOS only
Dedicated CPU & RAM
SSD storage

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Starts at S$5.00 /mo

Enhanced Email Delivery

We make sure your emails delivered

Email communication has been relatively important for an organization. During the Covid-19 pandemic period, many are working from home. Emails are essential for many to communicate with their coworkers. However, are you facing an email delivery issue? Emails were sent out to your colleagues and clients were not received? Or you have received a bounce? The email delivery issues cost you time and money. Most times, your email providers are not able to give you a solution to these.

There are many reasons why an email is not delivered unless the recipient has blocked you. Otherwise, Vastspace has a solution for email delivery. Our enhanced email delivery mail server will make sure important emails reach your recipient’s inbox and not their junk box.

Our enhanced email delivery mail server includes an SSL certificate, archiving and effective anti-spam. Write to us with the number of mailboxes created, estimated monthly outgoing emails, the email delivery issue you are facing and your sending domain name, we will provide you with a proposal soonest.

email delivery
dedicated server

Singapore Dedicated Server

Hosted in Certified TIER 3 Singapore Data Centre

If you are looking for a cheap and fast dedicated hosting or a dedicated server in Asia or Singapore? You are at the right place, our cheap dedicated server starts at S$88 with RAID 1, and many SSD dedicated servers to choose from, are hosted in Singapore datacentre. Limited units and reasonably priced. There is no setup fee during this promotion.
Check out the new PowerMaster 40 dedicated server. It is RAID 1 by default, comes with two 4Tb hard drives or if you are a risk taker, prefer to have a faster performed dedicated server, and configure the 2 hard drives as RAID 0 for more space. better read and write performance. The PowerMaster 40 dedicated server is 16Gb RAM, is available to subscribe at Singapore dollars at 128 monthly or the PowerMaster 30/40 S dedicated server on RAID 10 four hard drives configuration.
For RAID 10, it is added redundant, reads and writes faster but you will need four hard drives or SSD on a dedicated server. For the ready configured dedicated servers, please visit our dedicated server page by clicking the link below.

If you are planning to host your own dedicated servers?

Racks housed in a certified Tier 3 datacentre in Singapore

Are you planning to host your own dedicated servers in a Singapore datacentre? We offer a competitive price to rent a 48U rack consists of 100Mbps DIA bandwidth, 3KW of 230 volts electricity and /29 IPv4 addresses at $1,250 per month, and a one-time charge of $800.
The datacentre is located at the centre of Singapore, with 24×7 security, a loading bay, and cargo lifts. The 3KW electricity is provided by the 2 x UK plug PDUs, to support servers with redundant power supplies. The PDU is a smart IP PDU, it can be powered on or off from the control panel provided.
 The 48U rack is 600mm wide and 1200mm in depth. Both front and back doors of the 48U rack come with a lock. Please contact us to arrange for a tour of our datacentre if you are interested.
dedicated server

Singapore Email Hosting

Emailing will never been the same

Tire of the boring and cannot make it webmail? Do you get many spam emails? With our email hosting, emailing is a brand new meaning to you.
With the intuitive webmail, you can simply forget about installing desktop email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird. The most wonderful thing is that you can write and send email from anywhere. You will need the internet and a computer or phone to connect to the mobile data network. The webmail not only read and write an email but it stores contacts, meetings in the calendar, notes, tasks, and store files too.
In addition, the email hosting filters spam emails and keeps your inbox near-zero spam that increases your productivity, and saves you plenty of time to remove unwanted emails.
The email hosting is powered by SmarterMail Enterprise supports IDS firewall, it eliminates offensive traffics and brute-force attacks to the mailboxes and the out-of-the-box EWS allows to sync any MAPI desktop computer client applications. However, EAS license can be purchased separately. Please contact our sales team for a quote. To know the differences between these protocols you can visit SmarterTools website. 
email hosting

Get more Sales?

Get more customers with Google Ads

sell online

Grow your business with Google Ads? You have come to the right place. We help businesses with a reasonable fee to advertise on Google ads. The advertising campaigns, you can reach out to your audiences by advertising on search networks or advertising a video on Youtube.

Get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business. What you need to do is managing sales, we will help you manage these campaigns based on your budget, the audiences, and the keywords. We maximize your spendings for a greater return.

More clicks to get better sales opportunities, isn’t it what you want? Try us today. If you are interested, please send an email to our sales team.

SEO Web Hosting

SEO more Affordable

It is rare to come by to see a Web Hosting company that provides SEO. However, you found one, Vastspace provides SEO to customers. Despite the fact that we have started not long ago but our SEO is effective in both results and costs.
Firstly, web hosting is provided with SEO, hence there is no need to buy web hosting that optimized for SEO. We have the skill and knowledge to optimize and speed up your website as this is one major factor that affects your SEO result.
Secondly, we manage and protect your website from attackers and hackers. Nowadays, cybersecurity is your top priority to host a website, you do not speed extra money to do that.
Finally, we have SEO experts to solve your SEO problems. We investigate the bad factors that influence your rank, and we increase your domain authority at the same time.
You can find out more by contacting us or click the button below for additional information.

Best Selling KVM Linux VPS

Super Fast SSD storage

Powerful Dual XEON CPU

Generous Traffic

Webhost in Singapore

cPanel, Plesk, Imunify360 available here*

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Starts at S$8.00

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What makes our Web hosting better?

Speedboost your Website

The latest NGINX and HTTP/2 enabled web server will speed up your website.

WordPress ready

A few click to install WordPress from Plesk & Divi Page Builder

Latest control panel

The control panel is up-to-date for best performance.

Daily Backups

We retain last 14 days daily backup copies of your website.

Unlimited Email Addresses

Create as many email addresses, and email forwards as you need!

Premium DNS

We provide up to 10 domain Premium DNS zones at no cost.

Server & Websites Protection

If a major vulnerability appears, we apply fixes and protect it by Imunify360.

Free 24×7/365 Support

You can reach our team at any time, day or night.

30 days Money-back Guarantee

If you're not completely satsisfied, simply cancel within 30 days.

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