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My Website is defaced!

There are more than 37,000 hacked websites each day. Are you a victim? Get protected by Sucuri Firewall Pro at a Special rate now.

Sucuri Firewall Pro is more than a WAF. Not only, It protects your website. and with the CDN, it helps speed up website loading. Your overseas visitors are nearer to the server. In addition, we monitor blacklisting, uptime as well as your DNS too.

Get protected with our lifetime $18 per month promotion.

Be Happy. Stop Worrying!

First of its kind. Email server with high availability. Peace of mind emailing. We take care of everything.

Powered by the latest SmarterMail. Integrated with professional anti-spam. Feature-rich webmail gives you the conveniences and powerful on emailing. Anytime, anywhere you can send an email, just need an internet browser and connection. No more installation of the sophisticated application.

A brand new way of emailing.  Don’t miss this incredible offer ends 31 March 2018.

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windows vps by surprise

We caught you by surprise?

Still searching? Finally. you have found us. We sell KVM Windows VPS.

Our Windows VPS is virtualized by KVM. There is a cheaper solution to using OS virtualization. But they are not less reliable for Microsoft Windows server. To ensure stability, we have chosen KVM virtualization. We have Linux VPS too. Our Linux VPS is the same hardware layer and because our we use open-source Linux server operating system, the price is cheaper.

New pricing after Microsoft had revised the SPLA license cost.

Secure Your Transactions

Buy SSL certificates with Vastspace. Same benefits and features at Cheaper Price.

Validate your domain and secure customer’s personal details and information using SSL certificate at a cheaper price.  With 256-bit strong encryption length & compatible with almost all web and mobile browsers. It builds up trust online between the customers and you over the internet.

In addition, a website seal at the secure website, it quickly helps users to trust that website they are browsing and to understand the data entered is secured under high-security premises.

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SmarterMail, SmarterTrack, SmarterStats

Buying or leasing SmarterTools license right here

We are authorized SmarterTools partner to sell or lease their licenses online and activate them almost instantly. We are an experienced partner in Singapore, able to provide good advice and technical support.

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