COVID-19, everyone remembers the ‘Circult Breaker’

COVID-19, everyone remembers the ‘Circult Breaker’

Today, Singapore entered a “circuit breaker” period, to be marked by most businesses and services. Also, the Government has unveiled a third stimulus package to aid many during the COVID-19 crises.

The Solidarity Budget amounts to S$5.1 billion, and another S$4 billion to be withdrawn from national reserves, adding to the S$17 billion set aside from the reserves previously for the Resilience Budget, Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Heng Swee Keat said on last Monday when he unveiled the range of support measures in Parliament.

This has not only to help Singaporeans, Singapore’s companies and businesses too. During this difficult period, services and products provided or made in Singapore suffered very little disruption. Businesses continue, Singaporeans are united to support the measures and prevention in COVID-19 pandemic seriously.


Why is SERP tracker important?

Why is SERP tracker important?

SERP is known as the Search Engine result page. It is an essential tool for businesses nowadays. Why did I say that? Most will go to the internet to look for the thing they want, isn’t it? So, we use Google search. The result appears but your product is not on the first few pages.

However, this is not the topic today. There are a few techniques to rank higher and when people search, your website appears on the first few pages, the chances they are your customer is higher. This is SEO, we can discuss this in another article.

Given that your website is listed on the search result for the first few pages today. However, how do you ensure you are always in the same position? If one day due to some reason, your keyword’s position has dropped tremendously, you are losing potential customers.

If you are monitoring a few keywords, it is not difficult. However, it will be a tedious task to search and monitor for 50 or more keywords. Thus, the SERP tracker is important, you will be able to find out your keywords position for the day and it helps to keep a history of your keywords or even competitors. Especially, for online businesses, this is a must-have.


Are you a nurse or a doctor?

Are you a nurse or a doctor?

We would like to extend our gratitude to all nurses and doctors. Especially to those at the frontline, taking care of the patients infected by the COVID-19 virus.

During this period until the end of June 2020, we are giving a 50% discount on our shared hosting and cloud hosting to all nurses and doctors who are working in a hospital and a clinic.

Enter ‘FIGHTCOVID19‘ for the promotion code, submit a photocopy of your hospital or clinic’s ID to with your order numbers to activate your hosting service.

Suspend or not to Suspend?

Suspend or not to Suspend?

As a web hosting provider, we do not normally suspend an account or a web hosting user even the subscription has expired. We will write to the subscriber if he or she wishes to continue.

However, we suspend a website if it has violated our terms severely and authorities have stepped in and given instruction to us to do so. Otherwise, we will try our best not to suspend a website or web hosting subscription.

Not long ago, a reseller has come to me. He asked me if I can help him, 2 of his customers’ web hosting account were suspended. Since it is not hosted at Vastspace, I cannot help him.

A suspended account means your provider temporarily stopped your web hosting service. The service refers to your website and all email services. It means at this point, you will see suspended messages at your website and you cannot access your emails and mailboxes.

We understand the consequences, only if we have a good reason to do that. The most common is spamming from a vulnerable website or a compromised email account.

We have root access to the server, we will be able to trace if it is a website or a compromised email account used to spam. For the website, you can temporarily unpublish the website and update it with a new password for the compromised email account. This will stop spamming usually.

For this kind of scenario, you do not have to suspend the affected account. You write to them on this incident after you mitigate the spamming. Affected users can continue to use their email service even the website is disabled for spamming.

You can see the differences here. You can be paying less or more but handling such incidents are important. If you are operating a business, and your email is handicapped. In other words, you have to stop doing business during the suspended period.



Free Gift for you

Free Gift for you

For New and Renewal orders, $800 & above


suprise gift

From now until the end of the year 2020, every new order and renewal order has a total value of $800 and more with tax, we will deliver a Surprise gift to you.

  • 》Free gift cannot change to cash but you can exchange it as value $50 to offset any of Vastspace web hosting services. Web hosting services do not include setup fees, domain registration, domain transfer, SSL certificates, and any addons or services.
  • 》Free gift is Not entitled to any invoices with a discount and on one invoice only.
  • 》Only one free gift is given to per account/company/person for this campaign
  • 》Delivery starts late March 20
  • 》Local delivery in Singapore main island only, outside Singapore main island, delivery charge and tax will be charged and bore by the recipient/subscriber.
  • 》Subject to the availability or reserves the right to replace with any items at the same value.
  • 》Promotion ends 31st Dec 2020
  • 》For renewal invoices dated 1st March 2020 and onwards
WordPress Duplicator Vulnerability

WordPress Duplicator Vulnerability

A crucial vulnerability was found in the popular Duplicator plugin in WordPress. It has affected more than 1 million websites, so we urge you to act quickly and take proper actions to mitigate the vulnerability discovered in this addon.

Updated duplicator 1.3.28 can be found here

If you have installed the duplicator, even for the PRO version, I suggest you update your database credential when you are updating the plugin.

You can minimize your risks with our shared hosting and cloud hosting, websites protect by Imunify360.

How can COVID-19 virus affect your business?

How can COVID-19 virus affect your business?

Many businesses have been affected by the coronavirus’s threat. Some’s income has fallen as much as 50%, especially those tourists related business.

There is an impact on the web hosting business too. However, there are measures and implementation we can take to minimize the impact. Some businesses use web hosting to send mailers to their customers, registration on courses, conduct classroom classes, etc.

Currently, if you have a shop front, retail stores or you need people to come to your place for any activities to generate incomes. You might want to introduce a new way or convert your business online.

Nowadays, many sell their products and services online. One of the major changes in this is the car servicing industry.

Previously, you visit the workshop and they will tell you verbally on their packages and probably you have to revisit them for your car servicing scheduled date. However, situation changes, most of the modern workshops do all these online, from selling servicing packages, booking and even collecting the vehicles after servicing.

There are older car servicing workshops that didn’t go online. The most common reason is that they do not know how and where to start. This is just a typical example.

Vastspace has many partners in this field. Give us a call or write an email to us, we can get our partners to give you a free consultation on how you can do business online. Eventually, you will find doing business online can save you time, money, and higher income too.


Is WordPress again?

Is WordPress again?

WordPress has been a very popular choice for the website. Whether you are using it for a personal blog, a company website, or even an online store, it is very common that these websites are built using WordPress.

As a web hosting provider, it is common someone has come to you and asks, do you support WordPress? Can you install WordPress? Almost 70% of the websites I have visited they are made from WordPress.

It is no surprise why WordPress has been a great choice among many web designers and developers. Firstly, WordPress is free, there are many beautiful themes can be installed with little money or free of charge. Secondary, there is a large collection of useful plugin developed by many people and it could bee free too.

WordPreessHere come the problems and I want to list them down, so probably you can act earlier and correctly the next time you use WordPress for your website.

  • Fail to update on WordPress and its plugin – This is most common on a WordPress website. I dare to say 70% or more of the WordPress websites are not updated with the latest version or its plugins are outdated. This has posed a big issue on the website as it has become vulnerable. These websites are prone to hacks, attacks and even deface,
  • wp-admin or wp-login.php admin’s/user’ login page is not protected. It is known by anyone who is familiar with WordPress these are the admin’s/ users’ login URL, Brute-force entries are common and it is happening to any WordPress websites if the login page is not protected.
  • Files in a directory are shown – This is not limited to WordPress but if the attackers can see the files, they know the plugins used, they can launch attacks on any outdated and vulnerable plugins or even the WordPress used by your website.

Web protection on your WordPress website is a must, you can use a security plugin like ‘Wordfence’ or your web hosting like us used Imunify360 to keep hackers away.