Managed VPS Hosting

Super Fast servers with Dual E5 XEON CPU
Virtualized by KVM & Run on SSD

Performs like a server but at a lower price

Dedicated Control & Functionality In A Scalable Environment!


Experience The Power Of A True SSD VPS!

ssdA VPS known as a virtual private server is a virtual server. The idea is a few tenants sharing a dedicated server. In our past experience, some servers have only utilized less than 50% of the server resources. Thus, A VPS might do the same job at a lower cost. There are 2 types of VPS. We have chosen KVM virtualization, It has own kernel for the operating system. Instead of OpenVZ VM is sharing a kernel. A few advantages of using the true virtualization, it is more stable in a dedicated hosting environment. This is what you will get for a managed SSD VPS;

  • XEON E-5 Core
  • Hardware RAID
  • SSD Storage
  • Dedicated customizable hostname
  • Linux or Windows
  • Onyx Panel/ cPanel option
  • Root access
  • Premium DNS/ Reverse DNS
  • Scheduled Snapshot Backup

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VPS snapshotThe schedule snapshot can email you the result of each backup of your VPS, For each backup in LZO format, the 10G network only takes approximately 5 minutes to take a compressed snapshot. By default, there is one free scheduled daily snapshot for each VPS. The scheduled daily snapshot is stored in a storage server, can be used to restore on any of our VPS nodes. Yes, the first snapshot is free unlike many, you will be billed for such feature.

Why Choose Vastspace?

High performance SSD

Test their IOPS, you will be blown away how fast the SSDs perform.


Generous Traffic

Each VPS is allocated terabytes of traffic monthly.

True Isolation

Unlike the container based VPS, our virtual server gives you true hardware isolation without compromise the performance.

Set up your web presence in Singapore...

Get real virtualization and SSD performance. Experience it today!

This is our VPS...

SSD Performance

For better server's performance & speed


Use the latest KVM virtualization

SSL with
Control Panel

Get free SSL certificate for your website on any control panel


Snapshot of your VM instance is taken daily

99% Uptime

Good tracked record and branded hardware

The commonly asked questions ...

A dedicated server has more CPU, RAM and hard drive space. Connect remotely, they behaved the same, except VPS is a virtualized machine with lesser resources but much cheaper. Especially good for users, need to have total access but do not need the resources of a dedicated server.

VPS gives you total access like a dedicated server. However, with lesser resources, they are cheaper. Good for users to install application for a team with a few peoples. The daily snapshot backup allows quick restoration.

You can backup your VPS with one of the backup options. However, all VPS include one snapshot backup. It is in rotatable basis, replaced daily. Without the usual backup, you can still rollback if something have gone wrong.

You can increase RAM, CPU core and disk space at any time. You do not buy extra if you do not need them. Our VPS are scalable if you need more resources with little downtime.

Yes, you can. Please contact our team for the price to export your VPS. As the VPS is using KVM virtualization. They can be easily imported into any KVM compatible environment.

Managed service is basic managed service. Managed service allows technical support to execute something within the reach, like installing an extension in the Plesk Onyx panel. Set up an email account or website is administration, not covered as a managed or Full managed services. Upgrade of PHP requires a 3rd party repo or compilation, is only available using our full managed service. However, the engineers will advise it is safe to recompile or upgrade your PHP. For further clarification, please contact the support team.