Linux / Windows VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is between a shared hosting and a dedicated server. The VPS is made on a shared server but is self-contained with its particular settings. VPS Hosting provides you with more flexibility and access to greater resources than shared hosting, making VPS perfect for a growing platform or business.

Our VPS is virtualized by KVM.  VPS is for the budget users Although they are a cheaper option to a dedicated server, you can install a backup agent, anti-virus application etc. Basically, if you need an independent kernel, VPS virtualized by KVM is an excellent choice.

Redundant SSD storage is used on our VPS plans, so they are fast. Applications require high IO output, these VPS are suitable. Despite that they are self-managed, backups are provided to roll back on the unfortunate event.

Like mentioned before, our VPS are virtualized by KVM, you can install any operating systems, a Windows server OS* or a Linux server OS. (* denotes license is required)

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What do you get with our VPS?


SSD Storage Performance

All of our VPS servers use redundant SSD storage for good read and write output. In our past experience, solid state drives are very reliable. Not only they are fast but the failure rate is low.


Snapshot Capability

You can order snapshot for your VPS which are taken snapshots as scheduled daily. You can rollback the VPS on any unforeseen event. The server will send you a notification on each backup result.


Web and Email Protection option

At Vastspace, we provide you with the option to add protection to your web and email servers. We partnered with the renown provider, hence our customers enjoy a lower rate.


Round the Clock Helpdesk

Our team works round the clock to serve you. We are ready and happy to serve you, should you have difficulty with your VPS. At any time, at anywhere, write to us we will respond to you quickly.

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