Better Shared Hosting, Better Cyber Security


A better Shared web hosting idea comes from the customers. Many SME customers do not have the right person to take care of a VPS or a dedicated server beyond their budget. So, shared hosting is the best-fitted option.

However, it is a low-priced service,  to host a website and a few mailboxes with little protection. Some customers want to pay more for better protection because it is a shared hosting you have to do it for all and not only a few customers, so many providers are reluctant to implement it due to higher costs. Nowadays, cyber security has increased, reducing risks of cyber threats from the web, and emails are in higher demand, hence the idea of a better shared hosting.

web hostingThe shared hosting websites are protected by Imunify360 WAF. In addition, there is daily malware screening and removal of malware if detected on your website hosted. The anti-spam has improved, not the basic anti-spam that you will find on most shared hosting, the anti-spam learns and trains continuously,  to recognise good and bad emails.

We are proud to introduce the better shared hosting plans. The server is powered by the latest Intel Xeon processor and CloudLinux. What is CloudLinux? CloudLinux is a Linux operating system that gives shared hosting providers a more stable and secure OS. It is a set of kernel modifications to the Linux distribution, CloudLinux implements features to enable system administrators can allocate a fair share of resources according to the customer’s subscribed plan.

FAQ on our Shared Wed hosting

No, it is optional at $3 per month for all Shared Web Hosting plans.

CPU, RAM and disk space are based on plan allocation. To increase it, upgrade to the next higher plan.

Yes. You will pay a higher fee if you choose to pay every month.

Yes, you can host multiple websites (if resources are allowed) and create mailboxes.

Yes, we rate limit a user or a domain cannot exceed 100 emails per hour whichever comes first.

IMUNIFY360 is a comprehensive security suite for the Linux server. Antivirus, Firewall, WAF, PHP Security Layer, Patch Management, Domain Reputation with easy UI and advanced automation. There is a video on this to help you with a better understanding

The anti-spam is better and can be trained to recognise spam emails.

This is a case-to-case basis, we need to evaluate and estimate the time needed.

WAF solutions protect businesses from web-based attacks targeted at applications. Without an application firewall, hackers could infiltrate the broader network through web application vulnerabilities.

This is a Linux web hosting using CloudLinux, a Linux operating system designed to give shared hosting providers a more stable and secure OS. It implements features to enable system administrators to take fine-grained control of their server’s resource usage.

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