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Cheap hosting users are usually let down by the overpopulated server is causing a slow response website and the lousy webmail. Frankly speaking, we hardly see shared hosting users use webmail. The webmail UX and the features will probably the reasons.

At Vastspace, we solved it by offering a good email server and an SSD storage web server, That’s mean to say, your cheaper web hosting is served by two servers and not one. As such, we have better control over the resources and solved the overpopulated issue also.

The email server is running on SmarterMail Enterprise, Each subscription is given a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate. Never have to worry your neighbour is blacklisted because of spamming even you are on shared hosting.

This is not all, many have spent a few thousands of dollars on SEO. We teach you to do it with a more cost-effective method. Kick start your SEO with our web hosting, our experts will pass on how you can do it yourselves and save you thousands of dollars.

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ModelStandardProfessionalBest SellingBusinessCustom
Web Server
SSD Space10 Gb15 Gb20 Gb? Gb
Multi-PHP (5.2 & abv)Check MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
MySQL databases369?
Malware ProtectionCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Mail Server
Disk Space50 Gb100 Gb200 Gb? Gb
SmarterMail EnterpriseCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Email address/Mailboxes102040?
Enterprise anti-spamCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Dedicated IP on Email serviceCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Paid SSL certificateCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
TLS/SSLCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Contact list (Webmail)Check MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Calender (Webmail)Check MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Auto-Responder (Webmail)Check MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Bonus Backlinks808080800
Prices base on 12 months average.

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To speed up the websites, we use SSD storage for our web server to accelerate website's performance.

Websites are protected with the anti-malware system & updated with the latest definition daily.

The webmail allows you & your co-workers create a workspace for video chat, live cat & files sharing.

Powered by SmarterMail Enterprise with the latest technologies for email delivery & fight spam.

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Too good to be true? Test it yourselves! We offer a 14-day trial with an email verification on your email address during registration. We need a ‘live’ domain to set up the trial for you. Email to us sales [@] if you are interested. (remove the []. Backlinks are not included in the trial)

Frequent ask questions

Can I have a dedicated IP for my web hosting email server?

  • Yes, a dedicated IP is given to all web hosting plans for their email service at no additional cost. It also includes a paid 12 months SSL certificate. A website is not likely to require a dedicated IP to increase your cost.

What are the advantages to have a dedicated IP on the email server?

  • There are a few advantages. If your neighbour is blacklisted in the RBL you will not be affected. SSL certificate is included for dedicated IP, hence webmail and all email protocols are encrypted based on your domain name.

How do I create email accounts?

  • The assigned email account as the admin, create mailboxes from webmail.

What is rate limited?

  • The rate limit is applied to the email service. It will delay outgoing emails if your domain has exceeded the maximum value allocated. 1 mailbox is 50/hr.

Do you have a calendar?

Yes, you can use the calendar feature in the webmail for personal or shared appointments.

Do you have an auto-responder?

Yes, you can enable and send an auto-respond message in the webmail, send once to the same sender or per email basis.

Can I create a contact?

  • Yes, you can create a contact for private use or share with your co-workers in the webmail.

What is a keyword?

  • A keyword is a word that in the content on a page or post most obvious. It’s the search words you want to rank for with a particular page. So when people search for the keyword or phrase in search engines, they can find that page on your website.

What is advantage of these backlinks?

  • These backlinks are situated on the websites have medium or high domain authority, They help you to build a brand, receive traffic, increase your domain authority, promote your website and create a new relationship with your online visitors. All these factors are key to a higher ranking in Search Engines.

If I sign up your rank boosting package, can my keywords rank high?

  • In theory Yes, your keywords will rank higher. However, the results vary.  Some might get more and some get minimum. Basically, this is due to competition. A more competitive keyword will have a higher requirement and expectation to rank high.


We sell SSL certificates

Even yours is already Free of Charge

There is no need to buy SSL certificate for our web hosting which comes free. However, if you want to upgrade your certificate with insured value and higher insured value or your prefered SSL certificate. You may consider visiting our store to buy one at