Is WordPress again?

Is WordPress again?

WordPress has been a very popular choice for the website. Whether you are using it for a personal blog, a company website, or even an online store, it is very common that these websites are built using WordPress.

As a web hosting provider, it is common someone has come to you and asks, do you support WordPress? Can you install WordPress? Almost 70% of the websites I have visited they are made from WordPress.

It is no surprise why WordPress has been a great choice among many web designers and developers. Firstly, WordPress is free, there are many beautiful themes can be installed with little money or free of charge. Secondary, there is a large collection of useful plugin developed by many people and it could bee free too.

WordPreessHere come the problems and I want to list them down, so probably you can act earlier and correctly the next time you use WordPress for your website.

  • Fail to update on WordPress and its plugin – This is most common on a WordPress website. I dare to say 70% or more of the WordPress websites are not updated with the latest version or its plugins are outdated. This has posed a big issue on the website as it has become vulnerable. These websites are prone to hacks, attacks and even deface,
  • wp-admin or wp-login.php admin’s/user’ login page is not protected. It is known by anyone who is familiar with WordPress these are the admin’s/ users’ login URL, Brute-force entries are common and it is happening to any WordPress websites if the login page is not protected.
  • Files in a directory are shown – This is not limited to WordPress but if the attackers can see the files, they know the plugins used, they can launch attacks on any outdated and vulnerable plugins or even the WordPress used by your website.

Web protection on your WordPress website is a must, you can use a security plugin like ‘Wordfence’ or your web hosting like us used Imunify360 to keep hackers away.

Coronavirus, work from home?

Coronavirus, work from home?

The official name for the virus is COVID-19, commonly known as ‘coronavirus’ that have been infected many around the world. Fortunately, the virus is not as deadly as SARS but very infectious. Many businesses are affected.

To reduce human to human contact, companies are reducing the number of staff in their offices or even ask their staff to work from home. countries are imposing quarantine orders to travelers trave to China and some affected countries.

Luckily, the internet is well established nowadays, working from home is possible. The question is how are you able to stay productive working from home? If you want to collect information, files, or even chats for your organization, what is available to you?

Do you know SmarterMail can do all these? SmarterMail is not only about emails but you can share contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes. Group Chat, for internal, one-one-one text, audio and video chat. Create Team Workspaces for internal or external team text, audio and video chat.

If you have SmarterMail already your team can start using it and stay effective, even working from home. Otherwise, you can consider our Premium Email hosting which is powered by SmarterMail has the exact function you see at the SmarterMail website.

The best anti-virus?

The best anti-virus?

ANTI-MALWAREIt has been quite some time that I’m writing an article at Vastspace. Not really that I’m lazy to write, just that I cannot think of a topic to share. Today, I’m sharing something that I have done during my last weekends, anti-virus.

Anti-virus has become must-have protection on computers, especially if you are using a Windows OS computer. I have a Linux, a Mac, and a Windows laptops I have Sophos on my Mac, ESET on my Linux Ubuntu and now Norton360 on my Windows laptop.

You have many choices on Anti-Virus, not for Linux though. What is the best? Actually, I cannot tell who is the best as an end-user but I can share with you the performance and usability of the popular one like Bitdefender, Norton360, Avast, Avira, and Kaspersky.

These are a few of the makers that I have shortlisted for my Windows laptop. I have been using Bitdefender. It has done a good job, blocked many attacks. However, it has given me the feeling that I should try others. So, I did and I installed trial copies except for Norton360 that I have bought the actual one.

norton360Most default settings work for end-users but I need it more sensitive and details as I handle important data, However, as soon as I increase these values the CPU utilization is high. Even it is installed on an i7-9750H CPU laptop, multi-tasking like turning on Spotify is just acceptable.

However, if you are comparing on full scan speed, Avira and Avast are quicker. I don’t like the UX and there are too many false-positives of Avira. Avast has nice UX, lower CPU utilization and memory footprint are smaller.

I have done some readings at AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives as well as some searches on the internet. I realized Bitdefender is mentioned everywhere, it looks like they have very good online marketing. I’m not saying that they don’t make good anti-virus, I was once their supporter but I feel maybe I should try something else.

Finally, I have chosen Norton360. It has given me a sense of security using the software and logging in online to my account. The CPU utilization is high like others, guess you can’t avoid if you are doing a full system scan but you can use the software to see both Norton’s CPU utilization and the system’s utilization.

Small thing but it is useful, I do not need to open my task manager to see what service is hogging my CPU. Also, the best value at this point in time, you get unlimited VPN and 75Gb of storage if you are buying the Deluxe package for 5 devices.

I did not test out the password manager and the parental control most anti-virus have included. My priority mission is still keeping the bad guys out.

Improve anti-virus and anti-spam in Plesk & cPanel

Improve anti-virus and anti-spam in Plesk & cPanel

Recently, we have noticed an increase in unwanted emails attached to infected documents. These are things you can do on your Plesk and cPanel control panels

But I still reinstate that local protection on your computers and devices like smartphones are extremely important. Most malware remains inactive until users intervention. Thus, these protections are your last defense.

For Plesk, I suggest you buy the extension known as Premium anti-virus.  After you have obtained the addon license you need to install through your ‘updates & upgrades’. The add-on license is not too expensive and it is worthy especially you are in business and many mailboxes.

For cPanel, installing ClamAV is a must. However, if you are running a VPS with a Gb memory or below, you might want to think twice as ClamAV uses resources especially during updates ad you have plenty of emails.

You can enhance the ClamAV by using 3rd party rules, but again you will need memory. The next solution you might want to consider is the MailScanner from Configserver. I recommend the Front-End costs USD 55, one-tine fee for its license. Useful and it makes your jobs so much easier.

DKIM exempted you as Spammer?

DKIM exempted you as Spammer?

A while ago someone came to me, asked if I can add DKIM so his company is not identified as a spammer. In a way, yes but in another way is a no. Why do I say so?

DKIM is easy to advertise in the zone records nowadays. Many popular control panels have such ability to publish whether your DNS is hosted on the same server or just copy them into your DNS hosted elsewhere. Whichever the case, DKIM allows you to sign an outgoing email is to match with the public key you have advertised in the public DNS, to tell others it is sent by real me.

DKIM is one of the best methods to identify email is spoofed, impersonating a person in the organization. Here’s the catch, only the authorized mail server signed that email. If you are using another email server signed with different keys, it will cause a failure if DKIM of your recipient mail server is validating DKIM.

2 things, if your recipient mail server is not checking on DKIM or no action is taken. The real sender email account has been compromised. For these cases, how can DKIM protect your organization?

Have you heard about Mailspring?

Have you heard about Mailspring?

Malspring was formerly known as Nylas Mail, ok, I like the name ‘Mailspring’ better. Sound alien to you? Most I have spoken like if you are dealing email, you use Outlook. Apparently, there are many other mail applications, like Thunderbird is one of the popular too.

But why I want to mention Mailspring today? Read on to know why. If you have a big inbox and you are reading a lot of emails every day, you want something fast, does not hang when they are syncing with the mail server while downloading right?

Apparently, Mailspring is the fastest email application I have tried. Every click on Mailspring is instant. The RAM usage is so much lower. I don’t do fancy stuff on my emails so I can stick to the free version.  They have a PRO version, it is a monthly subscription type you can check the detail on their website

However, there is one major problem for me otherwise it is perfect.  Mailspring does not have a ready-made addon like Thunderbird. I use the sort and alert plugins, they are important to me. Never know if I will need others but Thunderbird will give me that option.

ConfigServer MailScanner Front-End

ConfigServer MailScanner Front-End

Today, I want to mention a product or rather an installation for cPanel users is the ConfigServer MailScanner Front-End. Do not mix up with the Configserver MailScanner, even they are the same in the backend, MailScanner’s front end made your life easier and made anti-spam effectively. I recommend to cPanel users if they are looking for a cost-effective antispam solution.

MAILSCANNERMost anti-spam is not integrated. They use MX to help you filter spam emails. If it is injected to the mail server, it is local delivery though LMTP, this kind of solution is not effective. However, the integrated means you need resources, and there is on overhead especially to those have a high volume of email traffic.

MAILSCANNERIf anti-spam is your top priority, Configserver MailScanner with the Front End is worth considering. With my past experience, you are safe to quarantine emails with a score as low as 2. In addition, the front end gives you the ability on how you want to keep the quarantined emails.

Anti-spam is not 100%, users unwanted email considered to a user as spam might not be the case for antispam. Antispam a few rules and gives a score of each rule to add them up should the email’s score is more than the threshold. There are cases, spam or unwanted emails have slipped through your anti-spam, MailScanner Front End allows you to click on the button to learn, to learn and port as spam, or blacklist sender and its domain.

Configserver charges USD 55 onetime fee for MailScanner front end, I personally think it is affordable and cPanel users should install if they want effective antispam.

What is HPMVPS?

What is HPMVPS?

HPMVPS stands for High-Performance Managed VPS, it is a fully managed service for businesses on their websites and email hostings.

We have observed many business owners have spent plenty of time choosing their web hosting and yet many have not met the expectation. Nowadays, due to the malicious traffic on the internet, many business owners of how their data is protected.

Thus, HPMVPS is a total solution to it. The business owner will find Vastspace’s HPMVPS is a complete solution and an answer to all these. They need not hunt high and low for their websites and email hosting services.

HPMVPS is a one-stop hosting solution for businesses. As t is fully managed, you do not employ a server admin to take care of your hosted environment. This aspect is being taken care too, we will deploy the necessary personnel and monitoring tools to ensure smooth operation. We bring down to service failure near zero  is our objective for HPMVPS, it is about business continuity.

Why Premium Shared Hosting?

Many asked why Vastspace has premium shared hosting? Basically, this is how we have differentiated the ordinary shared hosting with the premium one. Why premium?

The ideal of marketing shared hosting is affordable. We see 2 groups of customers have chosen shared hosting. The beginners or the first-timers and the budget users. However, we decided to break the tradition and give more in shared hosting are things like protection and anti-spam.

Today, users are smarter and they know the cyberworld s vulnerable. Attacks come in many ways. They can penetrate from your website, the server, and the most via emails. There are the 3 areas are publicly accessible and it could be vulnerable to outdated software or codes.

Thus, protection in these areas is important. If you do not protects these places, it is like opening the doors to someone and asking them to steal things from you. When you have realized your belonging is stolen, it might be too late.

We have understood the reasons, we designed the premium shared hosting with adequate protection at a reasonable price. So, customers can enjoy the protections at a smaller price tag. In the past, they might be spending a few thousand dollars to enjoy the same but with the premium shared hosting, we change things.