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Why anti-spam?

Sending emails and receiving emails are part and parcel of our daily routine. Due to my work’s nature, I received a few hundred emails a day. Mostly, these are notifications. However, they can be warnings if something went wrong.

To me, these are relatively important emails. However, I’m receiving unwanted emails or known as spam emails every day. Honestly, they can be from anywhere even you may have not corresponded with them before. Your email address can be known in several ways; harvesting, your recipient’s computers are infected by backdoors, you have enrolled to some events, your email address was sold to someone etc. Basically, they are not within your control.

I’ve personally tried, receiving emails without anti-spam. GOSH! More than 50% of the received emails were spam emails. I quickly switched back on my anti-spam gateways. I’m getting near to zero spam email.

With the anti-spam, it is a big relief. Without it, I have spent a few hours to remove those spam emails. A few hours, maybe  2~3 if you add them up. I was thinking, I can have a good rest for that 2~3 hours, why do I’m stupid to turn off the anti-spam filtering? Actually, it was my curiosity about my new anti-spam gateways.

So, it is clear that I need anti-spam for my mail server, Do you?

Anti-Spam Saga

It is all about anti-spam. Many have the wrong impression or little understanding of anti-spam. Even a lot of IT admins have a faint idea on anti-spam.

Emailing is more like a daily routine for many. Ask yourselves on how much do you understand on anti-spam. Most will tell you spam emails are those unwanted emails. But how?

Hopefully, I can make this understanding better. When someone told you I’m receiving a lot of spam emails each day, there are a few things to ask and examine. How do you determine those are spam emails? Where did these emails go to? If the subject has ‘SPAM’ classification? What kind of anti-spam solution do you have?

Anti-Spam has become very complicated. Especially those have installed anti-virus application on their computer has an anti-spam function too. The double filtering creates a lot of guessing games. We have cases whereby the email was quarantined by the local computer without users noticing it. However, the users plastered the server admin on such event.

Honestly, there are a few ways to determine a spam email. These rules are predefined and read by machines. The most common method is to use realtime blackhole list known as DNSBL The lists are maintained by various spam agencies,. Control panels and mail servers etc use these list provided free to reject or define spam emails.

Yes, it is common but less effective against spam emails. The more effective methods are combining a few like detecting spammy words, the type of charset, trusted senders and training the anti-spam system on the types of emails you wanted to receive. A good anti-spam system allows you to quarantine, reject or inject the spam classification into the subject that these emails have classified as a spam email.

You may have the best anti-spam system but I realized there are organizations have many false-positives a lot of tuning from time to time. The sender can be a newcomer, his or her email was rejected because it has violated the anti-spam rules even it was genuine. I have found the courier and logistics companies cannot have very stringent anti-spam rules and you need to check the process often to avoid unnecessary delays.

I want to say you need a good mail server admin to minimise the hiccups even you have a good anti-spam system. When this has happened, he or she is able to check from the header and do the necessary adjustments in quicker turnaround.

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Cheap anti-spam?

Many have the impression that cheap things aren’t good. Yes but not exactly for all. For example, our cheap web hosting plans come with a good anti-spam filtering solution.

The anti-spam solution is as effective as you can find in the market available commercially in hundreds a month. Seriously speaking, many web hosting users are getting a lot of emails. Because they are paying little, so they might have an impression, anti-spam filtering is an addon and you have to pay more for anti-spam。

This is in the past, you are paying for anti-spam. Vastspace‘s web hosting is an exception, we feel that this is essential and it should be part of the web hosting. We have included anti-spam filtering. This is not the ordinary DNSBL anti-spam blackhole you find in most control panels.

anti-spam rulesWe use complicated anti-filtering with more than 10 rules to determine should the email classified as SPAM. We will quarantine SPAM emails in case you have decided to read it or it is a false positive. The anti-spam filtering is too effective with newsletters, with success rate up to 90%, they are quarantined if you choose to accept them in the future.

If nex time someone said to you that you have to pay for anti-spam. Try our web hosting, you will notice the difference.

VEPP ~ Things don’t stop here

Yesterday, I have spoken to Artem, the business development manager for ISPsystem. Apparently, what we are seeing at VEPP is more like a SaaS model, we are expecting a provider’s version.

Why am I paid attention to VEPP? There are two reasons actually, the unconventional control panel layout and the security addon I have yet to try out. Website security has been important to the website owner.

They advertise

  • Use the built-in antivirus
  • Firewall settings
  • Enable spam and fishing protection
  • Configure an external backup storage

If this is true, this can be a little better than 2 existing renown control panels, added the user-friendliess. At this moment, the info has given to me is little. So, I’m looking forward to deploying the provider’s version and share more with the readers.

What is VEPP?

It is a simplified control panel for WordPress mainly developed by ISPsystem. They advertise “With Vepp you can easily install WordPress, assign a domain, and get a free SSL. You’ll be sure your website is stable and secure.”

I was asked to try. The installation is untraditional. You prepare a server instance and assign it to your account at my.vepp.com to get started. Apparently, if you want to change to other server or server details, you have to write in. I do not like the idea that this is not self-serviced. Maybe there is a reason for that, let me dive deeper and probably I will find the reasons.

Anyway, the installation started at my.vepp.com because I’m further it has taken me 30 minutes than the advertised 10 minutes to install VEPP. I assume providers will have this “my.vepp.com” set up in their infra. This will get closer to the users and significantly cut down the installation time.

Before we are going to the 2nd part of this review, I have asked myself a few questions. Do I still need to update my server OS? If the updates will break my previous installation? If kernelcare is compatible? Can I install other libraries and components in my server? How about another website and web application?

I will address these in my 2nd round of review on VEPP.

Anti-Spam for everyone

On 1st Aug, we will launch an affordable anti-spam solution. Many have subscribed to a web hosting service, but their users have received many spam emails, using the DNSBL for anti-spam. On the market, anti-spam solutions are not cheap and most are per mailbox charge.

Per mailbox does make sense, it creates load on an anti-spam device if you have a lot of emails to filter. However, this is expensive for a small business. We understand the shortcoming. We launched 2 affordable anti-spam solutions to reduce unwanted emails. No more complicated billing and the price of a cheap hamburger.

just S$5 a month(30 mailboxes & below), you have a shared anti-spam solution to reduce unwanted emails effectively or a dedicated anti-spam gateways cluster if you are expecting a lot of emails and you have many mailboxes each month.

We are giving a 14-day trial, so you can experience how effective is the anti-spam. Speak to us, for details.